Philadelphia Phillies 8' Deluxe Pool Table Cover

The Philadelphia Phillies 8' Deluxe Pool Table Cover (IMP 80-4005) is an investment to protect your pool table, one of the most valuable and cherished assets of the man cave. This durable pool table cover is crafted from artificial leather, specially designed to defend your precious billiards table from the elements and includes the detailed screen-printed Officially Licensed Phillies logo that will stand guard over the delicate felt of the table for years to come. The cover easily slips on and safeguards against any forces of evil including: children of any age or temperament, your best friend Klutzy Kevin who’s favorite hobby is spilling drinks on expensive furniture, and scratching on the 8-ball (okay, we lied about the last one). Just as you wouldn’t buy a car or house without paint, you shouldn’t own a pool table without a custom Philadelphia Phillies billiards table cover to safeguard your pride and joy.

  • Artificial leather cover protects your billiards table.
  • Fits most standard 8' pool tables 56" wide by 100" long.
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