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How many guys do you know in Wisconsin who are diehard San Francisco 49ers fans? Now, how many of these guys are actually bigger fans than their Green Bay Packers counterparts?

Darin is one man who fits the description and has the 49ers man cave to back it up.

He has not held back anything in forging the ultimate man cave to make him feel closer to his team. From a ton of framed jerseys, a chair shaped like a football helmet, and all the man cave accessories you could possibly imagine.

We could talk all day about Darin, but you need to see the photos to believe his dedication!

Part 1: Best SF 49ers Man Cave
Part 2: Interview with the Creator

Part 1: Best SF 49ers Man Cave

<SF 49ers Man Cave Accessories
Feeling intimidated? Whether or not you are a 49ers fan, it’s easy to get the chills walking into this Hall of Fame-esque man cave. Filled with mannequins, an absolute ton of framed jerseys, and virtually any 49ers man cave accessory you could possibly own, you can’t argue the sheer impressiveness.

<SF 49ers Man Cave Accessories
Imagine walking down the stairs for the first time, not knowing what to expect. Kaepernicking your way down to the ultimate spot to watch the game!

<SF 49ers Man Cave Accessories
Hanging out on the couch with some of the all-time 49er greats. If I sat down here on a Sunday, I don’t think I would ever get up. 49er throws, pillows, and even a lamp.

<SF 49ers Man Cave Accessories
Awesome barrel table paired with a bit of controversy for any Packers fan visiting. Gotta love any fan who is willing to go all out for his team, especially in the land of cheeseheads!

<SF 49ers Man Cave Accessories
Looks like Darin ran out of room on the walls, so he moved this 49er man cave party to the ceiling. Having too much 49ers gear is an awesome problem to have.

<SF 49ers Man Cave Accessories
Great tribute to the Million Dollar Backfield. Any true 49er fan knows what we’re talking about here…and also bleeds red and gold!

<SF 49ers Man Cave Accessories
What self-respecting man cave exists without an awesome bar? This bar is particularly special to Darin…you can read just why in our interview with him below.

<SF 49ers Man Cave Accessories
Yes, I do believe that is a SF 49ers pinball machine. Can’t say we have ever seen that before and probably never will again. How does it feel to have such a unique man cave accessory? Amazing.

<SF 49ers Man Cave Accessories
A chair shaped like a football helmet? Why not! Great look at the room as a whole…anyone in the Bay Area getting the itch to “redecorate”?

<SF 49ers Man Cave Accessories
Nothing says “Man Cave” like a giant rug that says just that. Does your entertainment center have a giant trophy case?

Part 2: Interview with the Creator

1) How does it happen that the biggest 49ers fan lives in Wisconsin? What is your story on becoming a 49ers fan?

I became a 49er fan when I was 14 and my sister brought me to my 1st game at the Stick in 1980. I remember how electric the stadium was and have been a fan ever since.

2) We feel that it takes some deep devotion to live out-of-state and still be a diehard fan for your team. Does your 49ers man cave help you feel closer to San Francisco and your team in some way?

Yes being in my Niner Cave definitely makes me feel closer to the team. I love game days down in my man cave; it almost makes me feel like I am there as my son and I sit in the stadium seats from Candlestick and Levis.

3) What do your family and friends think of your man cave when they see it for the first time? Shocked? Amazed? Humbled?

As for what people think the first time they step into it is probably what I get the biggest kick out of seeing; their expressions. Especially when most of them are Packer fans, they are amazed at the stuff I have and how it is displayed. I love decorating it and coming up with different display ideas; mannequins seem to be one of the biggest hits to date.

4) Was this room always designated to be the man cave or did it evolve over time? Which pieces did you begin with and what are you focusing on adding currently?

We built the house in 2003 and I finished the basement myself. Yes it was in the plans from Day 1 that it would be a Niner Cave. The first thing I received was the bar that my dad help me build when he was alive in '94. The bar was when we lived at our previous house and is one of my most cherished pieces and a memory I will treasure forever. My first piece of memorabilia was the autographed Montana jersey that I also bought in '94 and it has evolved from there.

5) Considering your 49ers man cave is EPIC, we don't see how you can possibly improve it further, but you probably do. Are there any big projects or pieces you are planning for the future?

My next big project is going to be putting artificial turf throughout the whole Niner Cave complete with painted yard lines and numbers and logo in middle, but that will be awhile down the road. I want to say how humbled I am for people reaching out to me after the 49ers were here a couple weeks ago.


Written by Man Cave Authority — September 16, 2015

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