10 Best Man Cave Gift Ideas: Man Cave Chairs, Accessories & More

10 Best Man Cave Gift Ideas: Man Cave Chairs, Accessories & More

We know your man loves you. But he also loves his man cave; it is his pride and joy that he has hand-crafted and designed over the years. It is his ability and desire to express himself artistically (although he still draws stick figures). Do you need some man cave furniture ideas? Which types of items are considered man cave accessories? Don't fret, we'll help you out.

His birthday, or Father's Day, or Christmas, or any other holiday is coming up and you are not quite sure what to get him. Why not feed the fire and help him in his quest to forge the ultimate man cave? A place where he can retreat, refuel, and enjoy his guilty pleasures of sports, action movies, enjoying a few craft beers, and jamming on the guitar.

Here is a list of 10 of the Best Man Cave Gift Ideas we have come up with, so you can be the gift-giving hero:

1) Man Cave Recliners

What is the most common activity in a man cave? Sitting. In a really, REALLY comfortable chair or recliner. Does it have your man's favorite team embroidered onto both the headrest and footrest to let everyone know how much of a diehard fan he is? The answer should undoubtedly be "yes". When you see the biggest grin when the proud owner receives his gift, you know he is picturing spending hours cheering on his team on gamedays, sitting back with friends, beers, and chicken wings.

Man Cave Recliner

2) Man Cave Bar Stools

What kind of guy does not want to own and operate his own man cave bar? Having your best buddies coming over for some brews or specially mixed cocktails, watching the game, or hosting a poker night. Sounds like a great time...unless you don't have bar stools so everyone has a place to sit! Bar stools punctuate that "bar" feel and can turn that boring basement into a super cool man cave.

Man Cave Bar Stools

3) Neon Man Cave Sign

Nothing says man room like a man cave neon sign that lights up the room. You can light up his "dungeon" with any number of colors, logos, and designs for a pretty reasonable price. Even though it really isn't THAT cool to you, a man and his friends never get tired of turning off the lights, checking out a neon sign, and saying "Whooooa, so cool...". You just need to trust us on this one.

Neon Man Cave Sign

4) Pub Table

It's gameday, kickoff in 5 minutes. You have the wings, pizza, beer, napkins, and plates. But wait, everyone is looking for somewhere to eat without spilling all over themselves and setting their drinks on the ground, where they will inevitably be knocked over...every single time. A pub table is the perfect man cave seating idea and a solution to one of man's easiest problems. It will look awesome with his favorite team prominently displayed on the top and the clean up is so much more simple than shampooing the carpet, yet again.

Man Cave Pub Table

5) Man Cave Dart Board

The best bar games are those that only require one hand. The other will more likely than not be holding a refreshing beverage. Darts is one of the cheapest man cave games available and offers endless hours of entertainment for a man and his buddies. Easy to get a few rounds in during commercial breaks and perfect for the "competitive" type of guy who needs a lazy sport to get good at!

Man Cave Dart Board

6) Custom Bar Mirror

Every man aspires to own a custom bar mirror in his man cave bar. Not only can he check himself out when he is feeling like a winner after his team scores a touchdown, run, 3-pointer, or goal, but he can also watch his friends cheat at the poker table and keep on the lookout for assassin ninjas sneaking up behind him (hey, we ALWAYS need to be prepared for this scenario!). Get one with his favorite team's logo and you will be covered in the gift arena for quite some time.

Man Cave Custom Bar Mirrors

7) Man Cave Accessories

Maybe your guy already has the man cave furniture, TV, pool table, and signs covered. There are several man cave accessories that you haven't considered yet including: neon clocks, billiards cues & accessories, pool table covers, and canvas wall art. These are fairly inexpensive and will keep a man entertained for years (literally). You can come up with a new addition to the cave every single year and never run out of ideas this way!

Man Cave Accessories

8) Man Cave Coffee Table

What's the only thing better than a man cave coffee table? How about one that reverses to a plain design once your guy is done watching the game and you have guests over? Yes, reversible coffee tables do exist and is the perfect compromise for you who wants the house to NOT look like a frat house and for him who just wants to make sure his team is displayed in every single nook and cranny in the house (what else is a house for after all?).

Man Cave Coffee Table

9) Custom Pool Table Felt

You can buy a Denver Broncos or New York Giants pool table for thousands of dollars, but you already have one! A cost efficient approach to showing your team pride on your pool table is simply replacing the pool table felt. Not only will this look really, REALLY cool, but is also a great excuse to replacing the worn and scratched up felt that you have been meaning to for years now. Seriously, years.

Custom Pool Table Felt

10) Man Cave Games

Football season is over, what do we even do in the man cave now? Only turn it into the most awesome game room ever. Man cave games can be as simple and cheap as poker cards and chips, but you can also look at other items like dart boards, putting greens, shuffleboard tables, and even air hockey!

Man Cave Games
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