Christmas Man Cave?! Minnesota Vikings Bringing in the Holidays

Christmas Man Cave?! Minnesota Vikings Bringing in the Holidays

What does Christmas look like in a Minnesota Vikings man cave?

If you don’t think turning your sports man cave is seriously cool, you haven’t seen a decked-out Vikings Christmas Cave. We aren’t quite sure if there is a name for a Christmas-themed sports room, but after you see this, you may want to start thinking of something good.

Possibly the most awesome man cave idea in history, these photos from @wrsummers combine our two favorite pastimes, Man Caves and Christmas, into one glorious display of over-the-top fandom and holiday spirit. Regardless of which holiday you celebrate in your home, you can’t debate that that holiday festivities are made so much better by sports!

Do you have a holiday Man Cave you want to show off? Share it with us on Twitter @ManCaveAuthty and join in on the new craze of theming out your man cave for the holidays!


And if you have never seen a Man Cave Christmas Tree…now you have!

Minnesota Vikings CHRISTMAS Man Cave

Minnesota Vikings Christmas Man Cave
Is this a Christmas tree filled with Vikings ornaments? Yes it is. We have never seen anything like it and challenge any man cavers out there to create their own!

Minnesota Vikings Christmas Man Cave
Santa dressed up in a Vikings suit instead of the traditional red. But why have just one? Look at all those crazed Viking fan Santas! This is what Minnesota children grow up believing Santa looks like.

Minnesota Vikings Christmas Man Cave
The ultimate Minnesota Vikings man cave idea, totally redesigned for the holidays. Christmas tree skirt and stockings included!

Minnesota Vikings Christmas Man Cave
Little known fact: Frosty the Snowman was actually a diehard Vikings fan and we have the photos to prove it. He also broke the single game rushing record, but generously gave credit to Adrian Peterson.


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