Epic WVU Mountaineer Man Cave

Epic WVU Mountaineer Man Cave

There’s only one thing we love more than college football.

…And that’s a college football man cave, especially one dedicated to the West Virginia Mountaineers. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find as many good ones as we had hoped to, but DID find a diamond in the rough. We owe our gratitude to one man.

@kinche27 takes the cake for the most fanatical WVU Mountaineers fan we have seen. Painted walls and logos, framed jerseys, and memorabilia everywhere you look. But there is one thing that really stands out that we really don’t see in a typical man cave.

Almost everything in his man cave is actually memorabilia from one of his experiences at WVU games or practices, not just bought at some store! We salute the photos taken with players, signed practice shirts, and even thundersticks and a ticket from a real game. There is nothing more exciting than going back to campus to watch your team play, but watching it from your decked out man cave ain’t bad either!


The Ultimate WVU Mountaineers Man Cave

WVU Mountaineers Man Cave
Who needs a giant banner or Fathead when you can just bring your artistic side to the table and paint your own?

WVU Mountaineers Man Cave
WVU memorabilia all over the place…helmet, football, and what appears to be a practice shirt signed by just about the entire football team!

WVU Mountaineers Man Cave
Mountaineers in the NFL, great framed jersey collection of some of WVU’s best!

WVU Mountaineers Man Cave
Photo wall dedicated to pictures of himself and West Virginia players, awesome idea to prove that you are not just a fan at home!
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Jamie - December 6, 2014

I would like to give you all a little more detail on some of my memorabilia that you have pointed out. The gold WVU practice shirt is signed by all of the members of the 11-1 2005-06 Sugar Bowl football team. As you can see, I saved my Sugar Bowl ticket to the game. I also saved my ticket for WVU’s first Big 12 game against Baylor in 2012.

In the first photo, you see my white WVU Helmet. That is my WVU “All Time Great’s” helmet that is signed by some of WVU Great’s. Some of the players I have been lucky enough to get on it are Owen Schmitt, Oliver Luck, Major Harris, Geno Smith, Stedman Bailey, Tavon Austin, Quincy Wilson, Rasheed Marshall, Amos Zereoue, Adam “Pac Man” Jones, Bruce Irvin, Keith Tandy, Darwin Cook, Karl Joseph, Mike Logan, Aaron Beasley, and Will Clarke. It’s my favorite WVU item that I own. I just hope to get Pat White on there too. It took me about 2 years to get my WVU man Cave finished with everything in it. I will always be adding to it but I’m glad that you all at Man Cave Authority like it! Thank you for sharing it with everyone else!

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