Which Type of Guy Actually Buys a Kegerator?

Which Type of Guy Actually Buys a Kegerator?

What does owning a kegerator say about you and your manliness?

Are you a beer connoisseur, a rebellious post-grad who can’t give up the fraternity lifestyle, or simply the Costco bulk buy-loving guy who just wants a really good deal on some beer?

Simply owning a kegerator does not mean much, other than the fact that you really enjoy your beer. However, the TYPE of kegerator you own definitely says something about you. Not sure what color, size, or features will fit you best? Man Cave Authority has spelled it all out so you know what to look for in the ultimate man cave kegerator!


1. Color & Material

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel kegerators are by far the most popular because of its sleek appearance, easy cleanup, and popularity (they are easy to find everywhere!). This type of material looks great in a contemporary man cave and clearly demonstrates your refined style to all who gaze upon this beautiful beer dispenser.

Stainless Steel Kegerator

Black Cabinet or Vinyl

Utilitarian is your middle name. A slick black fridge blends in with your surroundings and creates an environment that isn’t centered around your kegerator. Maybe you want your sports man cave to bring attention to all of your team memorabilia and your diehard allegiance. Just as useful and with the exact same features, a blank cabinet body will cool and pour beer just as well as any other material!

Black Standard Kegerator

DIY Wooden

The Mecca of beer dispensing machines: the elusive homemade or DIY kegerator made out of wood. You can make this look rustic, modern, or just plain over-the-top awesome. If you have one of these babies you are the Tim “Tool Time” Taylor of beer drinking, the Michelangelo of beverage preservation, and the Ralph Lauren of Man Cave Feng Shui. While you will still need a refrigeration unit on the inside, surrounding it with wood is the perfect touch for your cabin or basement.

Homemade Wood Kegerator

Pink Kegerator

We only mention this, because it is flat-out unacceptable. You do not have a man cave (if it’s a Woman Cave though, go for it!). Short of a very elaborate April Fools joke on your friend, there is no reason to purchase or sport the color pink on any beer-related gear. While kegerators aren’t solely reserved for male use, they do represent a distinct sense of manliness. We apologize for even bringing up the idea that a kegerator can be pink and hope that this does not give anyone ideas of any type.

Pink Kegerator

2. Number of Taps

One Tap

For the straightforward guy who knows exactly what he wants. You know which beer you want to drink and don’t see any reason to stray from the tried & true. If you wanted to overcomplicate things, you would become a tax lawyer. But you know what you like and only need one keg of beer at a time to satisfy your craft beer cravings.

Man Cave Kegerator

Two or Three Taps

You are a man who likes choices and is a solid decision-maker. With two or three taps, you can offer your guests both heavy and light beers to accommodate both your fellow man and possibly some beer-appreciating ladies as well. You also like to mix things up every once in a while and want an Imperial IPA for poker night, then prefer to switch to a Porter or Stout for those cold nights in front of the fire.

DIY Kegerator

A Gander of Taps (Four or more according to National Geographic)

You are possibly an insane person, totally indecisive, or you just straight LOVE beer. Either way, we applaud your dedication and your awesome beer collection. Hopefully you are sharing your passion with some friends or it could be a really rough night for you. You are obviously a beer connoisseur and whether you are choosing your career, your soulmate, or your next meal, you wish to be presented a menu to choose from to make the immaculate selection. You might just be a perfectionist and the beer you are drinking is not exempt from the rule.

Multiple Tap Kegerator

3. Kegerator Features

The Default

Let’s be honest, you have not spent the last 20 years refining your beer tasting palate and you are certainly no engineer. But if your only features include “keeps beer cold”, “pours beer”, and “works”, that is good enough for us and we respect your desire to keep it simple. The perfect beer temperature varies for every single variety and even each brand of beer, so a difference of 5 degrees is not going to make a difference for the majority of us. You want a lot of cold beer for a good price. Let’s cut to the action and get to drinking!

Kegerator Features

Digital Temperature Control or a Blower

With kegerators, temperature and consistency is the name of the game. You are a man of reason. You are also a man who lives in the details. You wouldn’t go skydiving without a parachute, so why would you enjoy beer at the wrong temperature? You can safely enjoy an Irish Stout at 46 degrees without causing harm to your delicate palate. In all seriousness, you don’t see any reason to do things the wrong way. And if you are going to invest in a kegerator, why not drink your beer the way it was meant to be consumed?

Digital Temperature Kegerator


KegBot is the tech-savvy kegerator master’s tool to measure view how much beer is remaining on an unlimited number of taps, when a new keg is tapped, and the amount of beer each one of your friends (or patrons) has consumed. As a proud owner, you love to have control over your domain, and are always prepared like a beer-drinking adult boyscout who needs to know when the keg will run out so he can have another lined up.





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