Awesome Man Caves of the Week - November 14 2014

Awesome Man Caves of the Week - November 14 2014

If you could craft your perfect man cave, what would it be?

By sharing fan submitted photos, we hope you can get some awesome man cave ideas. Sometimes we try to build a room to impress others, but when it comes down to it, a man cave is just for you!

Crafting the ultimate spot should result in something that helps you relax, shows off your passions, and is a place where you actually enjoy spending your time.



1. Miami Marlins, Miami Hurricanes & Miami Dolphins Man Cave

You know you are a true diehard Miami fan when you don’t see any Heat gear with Lebron James posters all over (which have since been abandoned since he “betrayed” a city once again). @ChaserTheOrange is just that type of true fan who has decked out his place with a Miami pool table, poster, jerseys, chairs…you name it!

Miami Dolphins & Hurricanes Man Cave
If you can’t guess which team he is rooting for, you must be color blind!

 Miami Dolphins & Hurricanes Man Cave
And if you think the Marlins got left out of this Miami lair, here’s the stash.

 Miami Dolphins & Hurricanes Man Cave
There is almost nothing in here that isn’t Orange and Green…awesome!

2. Classic Vinyl Lounge

Now we “mix” up the man cave game with a classic vinyl themed chill lounge. @Lackee_Lac aka Mr. Vinyl has forged a pad that he can truly be proud of and can really enjoy spending time in! His name doesn’t lie, check out the multitude of vinyls and old school equipment.

Classic Vinyl Man Cave
Clearly the avid music fan, every piece here is related to music somehow. Great theme and passion!

Classic Vinyl Lounge
Awesome close-up of the mixer!

Classic Vinyl Lounge
Take a closer look at all the classic sound equipment, pretty cool stuff.

Classic Vinyl Lounge
The filter on this photo defines the retro theme of this epic man cave!

3. Oregon Ducks Man Cave

The Ducks offense is not the only thing that is high speed…so is the rate at which @UofOfan23 collects awesome University of Oregon gear for his fan shrine. Jerseys, helmets, and even cleats line the wall. We think it’s safe to name him the biggest Oregon Ducks fan that we have seen, but anyone is welcome to challenge!

Oregon Ducks Man Cave
Have you ever seen so much Ducks gear in one room? We think it’s crazy!

 Oregon Ducks Man Cave
More lids, helmets, & framed photos than they probably have at Autzen!





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