Awesome Man Caves of the Week - October 31 2014

Awesome Man Caves of the Week - October 31 2014

Tired of seeing the same old man cave?

We have got something a little different for this week's Awesome Man Caves of the Week!

Here at Man Cave Authority, we like to celebrate all different kinds of man caves...because every guy is different! The "man cave" can mean something different for every man and we hope that if you aren't the diehard sports fanatic with loads of your favorite team's memorabilia, you can get some great man cave ideas for other types of themes.


1. Ultimate Arcade & Entertainment Center

Ready for some action?

We absolutely love this man cave, because of it's clean design, loads of electronics, and best of all, a full-size arcade machine! How many people actually have one? Not many.

If you want to see some more photos, check out more of ChibiHuynH's man cave.

Retro Arcade Man Cave
This has Man Cave written all over it. Flat screen, sound system, gaming station, comfy couch, and….wait is that an old school Arcade?!

Retro Arcade Man Cave
Yes, this is 2-player, full-size arcade! We can only guess at the collection of classic games that we remember playing in the pizza parlor from our childhood.

Triple screen computer command station that appears to double as recording studio with some professional equipment. That’s some serious entertainment.

2. Hunting Man Cave

Think your kid's little league trophies are impressive? Check out ShadSchmidt's hunting man cave with a brag-worthy number of "man" trophies!

A true display of "ruling over your domain". I wonder what the next prize will be?

Hunting Man Cave
Have you ever seen so many trophies in one room? This is one proud man cave owner, dedicating his cave to the art of hunting!

3. Don't Mess With Texas Man Cave

If any state has the most state pride, it's gotta be Texas. JD1978TEXAN embodies this and shows off his love with a great Texas-style man cave.

You might think this is a local diner or BBQ joint, but it's just a classic man cave!

Texas Man Cave
This Texas-inspired man cave could be mistaken for a full commercial bar or restaurant…it’s huge! Seating for all of your friends…and your friends’ friends too!

 Texas Man Cave
What’s the big deal about one single baseball bat you ask? The fact that it is signed by the one and only home run king, Hank Aaron!.

 Texas Man Cave
Nice alcove dedicated to Texas baseball and football.
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