Awesome Man Caves of the Week 10/9/14

Awesome Man Caves of the Week 10/9/14

Sick of looking at the average Man Cave?

Check out the new caves of the week! We hope these inspire you to go build your first man cave, add to your already existing one, or give you some great man cave design ideas so you can customize it to reflect you and the things you love.

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1. Ultimate Sports Hall of Fame

You need to see the following photos to believe this has been done in one house, because it looks like it could be three completely separate ones! @djyokley has turned his downstairs into PNC Park in Pittsbugh, a basketball court AND a hockey rink (the toilet paper holder and towel rack are hockey sticks!).

Can anyone beat DJ as the ultimate sports fan?

PNC Park man cave.
Astroturf flooring and a custom entertainment center made to resemble the PNC Park jumbotron. Perfect couch for a bunch of people to watch the game.

PNC Park man cave.
Cleveland Cavaliers basketball flooring with some sweet Steelers memorabilia and hat collection in the background.

Hockey stick toilet paper holder.
Cool little DIY touch - a toilet paper holder made out of hockey sticks. Plus when you go to the bathroom it's all over the Philadelphia Flyers logo. Ouch.

Penalty box toilet.
Here DJ painted the walls to make it look like a hockey rink. We aren't sure if it was meant this way, but with the glass top it looks like a penalty box bathroom!

Another view of the penalty box toilet.
Another view of the penalty box bathroom.

2. Windy City Sports Bar

It's hard to argue that there is a sports town as fanatical as Chicago. And it's hard to argue @hammertime475's man cave is not one of the most impressive we have seen! First off, I personally would go to this sports bar to watch the game. Second, look at all the Chicago memorabilia...Blackhawks and Cubs in particular...true fandom.

Blackhawks themed bar area.
Blackhawks themed custom bar and entertainment center. This place just looks like a blast to hang around and toss back a few beers.

View into the Blackhawks couch area.
A well balanced diet means a beer in each hand. We agree! Great collection of memorabilia on the wall and sweet lighting setup ties everything in nicely!

NFL helmet display area.
This is my favorite picture of the man cave. The helmet display is one of the nicer ones we've ever seen and it looks custom made. We've had a couple questions recently about the best ways to display helmets and it looks so much better than hanging helmets on the wall, which we've seen lately.

3. Cameron Crazie's Duke Themed Hallway

Short on space to build a full-size cave? Not a problem says @cameroncrazie81. Here's a great design idea for those who don't have the space (or the permission!) to dedicate an entire room to manly endeavors.

Duke memorabilia collection.
Sometimes you see memorabilia collections that look haphazardly thrown up on the wall and seem cluttered. While Cameron has a lot of Duke memorabilia, it's obvious he's spent some time arranging the collection to show it off nicely on the wall.

Second view of the Duke memorabilia collection.
A second view of the collection.
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