Man Caves of the Week - 10/3/14

Man Caves of the Week - 10/3/14

This week we've got another great batch of man caves for you to take a look at. The first one is what we are calling a "man mansion" and is currently for sale. Then we've got a nice movie collectible and battlestation cave, and the Maple Leafs fans are back at it building more man spaces. Check them out, and if you've got a great man cave that should be featured on the blog, find us on Twitter at @ManCaveAuthrty with the hashtag #mancavelife.

1.Hunting and Fishing Man Mansion

We get our pictures of awesome man caves from all over the internet, sometimes in places you wouldn't expect. Our first one was picked off a Craigslist ad in Portland, Oregon. The 5-acre home has the sweet man caves that we post below, as well as a sport court area with tennis and a batting cage, a 9-hole putting green, and a helicopter landing pad. The good news? If you like the pictures you can buy this man mansion for a cool $1.3MM!

Hunting pool table room.
Starting off with the exquisite billiards room. Full bar to the left, plus if anyone ever broke into the house you've got a mounted automatic weapon hanging above the door.

Hunting arcade room.
Not only is this probably the nicest arcade we've seen in a home, the box on the right has Golden Tee. Yes, Golden Tee, the best arcade game there ever was.

Hunting great room.
While this isn't actually the man cave, we had to show this view. Here we are standing in the loft above the pool table area looking down on the great room. How cool are the mounted fish!?

Ahh, the statue shrine. Essential in any reputable man cave.

2. Movie and Battlestation Man Cave

This man cave was submitted to via Reddit and continues the battlestation theme from last week. /u/XTheDevistatorX built himself a new home and decided he needed to have a movie and gaming cave. Some great movie artwork in here, as well as an impressive collection of old school console games.

Movie and gaming man cave.
Looking in from the doorway. Impressive video game collection on the left hand shelf. Solid PC setup and display shelf for his movie and TV collectibles.

Time Drake Arkham and Manifest Destiny poster.
Walking into the room on the wall is a Tim Drake Arkham standup and a signed Manifest Destiny poster. Both items are two of his most prized possessions.

Panorama view.
Panorama view of the man cave.

Box of gaming controllers.
Had to show this shot. The ottoman opens up to reveal a storage area for all of the console controllers. The entire 1990's are in this box.

3. Toronto Maple Leafs Man Cave

We don't know what it is, but the Toronto Maple Leafs fans are really good at building man caves. We see more Maple Leafs caves than any other team of any sport! Here's Cameron's with the theme of "cover up any blank space on the wall with anything blue and white". Surprisingly, it comes together!

Toronto Maple Leafs man cave.
Six shirts and nineteen hats! That's some serious schwag!
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