Awesome Man Caves of the Week - 9/26/14

Awesome Man Caves of the Week - 9/26/14

Another post chock full of man cave goodness. We begin with a new twist on the man cave for us, the battlestation. Then we showcase a DIY baseball coffee table and some custom NFL helmet work by a buddy of ours. Enjoy!

1. Battlestation Man Cave

There are a ton of people whose ideal man caves don't involve sports teams, hunting, fishing, or game rooms. Instead, they build the biggest and baddest "battlestations" possible. A battlestation is another term for a desktop computer setup, and they are typically outfitted with multiple monitors, expensive sound systems, and comfortable seating to allow for 12-hour nonstop gaming sessions. We haven't come across as many battlestation man caves yet, but are hoping the eye candy featured in this one will get the ball rolling. This was found via user /u/farfletched on Reddit.

Battle-station computer setup.
The gaming rig. Dual stacked monitors, sound system, and TV/movie figurines to keep company during extended gaming sessions. Note: we love the Goonies and Ghostbusters posters.

Music area for the battle-station.
Another PC setup, this time for music creation and production. Again, dual monitors with multiple keyboards and another sound system.

View of the side and closet area of the battle-station man cave.
The area to the side of the gaming rig. This whole room is filled with a huge collection of TV and movie memorabilia. It's geeked out and we love it.

2. DIY Vintage Baseball Card Table

We always appreciate great do-it-yourself projects, especially when people are able to keep costs to a minimum. Here’s an example of a simple coffee table that has been remade with a vintage baseball card top. The baseball cards were collected by JNH_61 found at a yard sale and covered with a clear overlay. Nice!

DIY vintage baseball card coffee table.
Is that a Griffey rookie card in there?

Man cave with vintage vintage baseball card table.
The garage with the baseball card table centerpiece. Nice look with the log end tables.

3. Custom Helmet and Green Bay/Ohio State Entertainment Center

Here we've @Tony_BROlogna's entertainment center that's decked out with a Green Bay theme on one side and a Ohio State theme on the other. What we want to draw attention to are the helmets in the shelf. Those helmets are custom painted by our buddy JVince11 and he does some incredible work. Whether you want current helmets, old school colors, or something that you design yourself, he can get it all done. Really impressive and a great addition for any football man cave.

Green Bay and Ohio State entertainment center.
The cheesehead in the middle of the TV's is a solid addition as well.
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