Awesome Man Caves of the Week - 9/18/14

Awesome Man Caves of the Week - 9/18/14

Last week we got to take in the impressive transformation from empty storage space to spectacular hunting lodge. It took our breath away (yes, like the song), but don't worry, we're back this week with some more great man caves. We start with a retro memorabilia bar that gives "American Pickers" a run for its money. Then we've got a George Mason basketball man cave and an "executive" Notre Dame bar room.

As always, if you've got a cave or game room that deserves to be on Man Caves of the Week, send us a note on Twitter at @ManCaveAuthrty with the hashtag #mancavelife.

1. Antique Bar and Poker Room

This is a room in which you could spend two hours walking around and still not see everything there. From the wall mounted boat engine to the hard-to-find Landshark Lager sign, it's an awesome collection of antique and retro items. We found this via @LaurenceBBattle and it belongs to his friend Darrel (who we really want to have a beer with!).

Antique bar and poker room.
I bet that a lot of money has been lost on this table before...

Antique poker table.
This is the first time we've seen a boat engine mounted on a wall.

Antique bar area.
Great looking bar. We want to find out where this place is, would love to have a beer here!

2. George Mason Final Four Basketball Cave

Once again, we see a man cave that goes beyond all perceived limits of fandom. Here we have a room commemorating the George Mason basketball team and their historic 2006 Final Four run. We are huge fans of the arena light and coffee table, and it's topped off with a great George Mason neon light. @jholman34 would agree with us, go Patriots!

George Mason man cave.

3. Keep it Classy, Notre Dame

While we love the ultimate fan caves (see above), @Dixie_Domer shows us another side of the coin with this super classy Notre Dame football bar. Great for watching the game, plus he's got the leprechaun working the kegerator.

Notre Dame bar area.
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