Awesome Man Caves of the Week - September 2 2014

Awesome Man Caves of the Week - September 2 2014

There is no official Man Cave season...yet.

But we think it lines up pretty nicely right alongside the NFL and NCAA football seasons. Fans are crazed, brats are being consumed at an unsutainable pace, and Anheuser-Busch (BUD) stock is up almost an entire point. Public sentiment measured by Twitter keywords like "excited", "happy", and "best" is positively skewed to a point of extremity during the period of time.

This is also the best time show off your ultimate fan cave! We have seen guys frame jerseys, paint their walls, and display giant life-size Fatheads® all over their walls in an attempt to prove that they are the biggest fans.

Are you one of these fans? Do you have a man cave to show off to the world? Think your boss might give you a raise if he sees how hard you have worked on your  cave, thus how incredibly awesome and valuable you are? (Okay we can't promise anything here, but it can't hurt to try!)

Show us your Man Cave on Twitter with #mancavelife and we may select you to be featured in the next Awesome Man Caves of the Week. And the gridiron caves!

1.   Da Bears Lair

At first glance, I think we can all agree this Chicago Bears man cave belongs to Mike Ditka himself. However, after some research on this immaculately designed room, we can see all the hard work that @FulphilO put into it has really paid off. From the painted walls, matching Bears bar stools, carpets, and memorabilia, it's easy to say what channel the TV is going to be turned to on Sunday.

2.   The Ohio State University Game Room

Brutus lives strong in this one. @BJMiles24 has forged an amazing man cave to watch the game in style. A wrap-around bar creates almost an "arena" for some intense foosball games, with plenty of barstools to seat tons of guests. We love the Brutus Fathead® and framed photos that remind visitors that they are in Buckeye territory!

3.   Green Bay Packers Man Cave

This Packers man cave is one that I could probably spend an entire week in and forget that there are other rooms in the house. @gbpacker15 has a commercial-style bar with hanging wine glasses and all, two TV's in different places to watch the game (maybe one for Packers, one for fantasy football?), and Packers greats lining the walls. This honestly looks like somewhere I would pay to watch the game with a couple of drinks.

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