Awesome Man Caves of the Week - August 22 2014

Awesome Man Caves of the Week - August 22 2014

What is the latest trend in Man Caves?

Through thousands of real-life man caves that we have seen, we have identified the trend that man caves have matured over the years. It is one thing to litter a room with memorabilia for your favorite sports team (although we don’t question the fandom).

We think the most impressive caves are focused on design, layout, and slickness (Feng Shui if you will), presenting appeal to not just the owner, but guests as well. After all, what is the point of having an epic man cave if you can’t show it off? See some great examples below.

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1.   Seahawks Man Cave

You can’t question @CrystalMadsen1’s dedication to the Seahawks once you take a look at this room. The design is immaculate and includes walls painted with Seahawks colors and logo, framed jerseys, logos painted onto tables, and of course, plush leather chairs surrounding the all-important gameday viewing TV.

Remember guys, your man cave doesn’t need to be crammed with memorabilia to be considered “legendary”. Think about color schemes, layout, and of course, how you want to watch the game in style!


2.   Dodgers Den

This Dodgers man cave, full bar, entertainment center, and home gym shows that @camjunker has probably dedicated the largest room in his house to his greatest passion…the Dodgers!

Some substitutions he made include: projector instead of a flat-screen TV, full size murals instead of normal painted walls, and throwing in a weight room to stay in shape in between innings.  Even his bedroom is decked out in Dodgers gear!

3.   Hockey Memorabilia Arena

Most people are diehard fans of just one particular sports team or just their city’s teams. However, we love to see @jimguns9’s passion for the game of hockey.

He’s got framed and autographed hockey photos all over the walls and states “I need more wall space”. He wouldn’t have this problem if he didn’t have framed Gordie Howe and Mark Messier sweaters! Gotta love the love of the game.

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