The Retro Man Cave & Classic Signs

The Retro Man Cave & Classic Signs

So you think you are “Old School”?

As a society, as we grow more advanced in technology, make snap decisions based on terabytes of real-time data, drive the optimal route to our destinations, avoid making eye contact with strangers to avoid possible conversations, and obsess over efficiency, we seem to have forgotten to enjoy our time in the present and appreciate things not considered “new” or “improved”.

However, many of us find ourselves wishing to return to a simpler time, appreciating the values, brands, lingo, and antiques that give us a feeling of familiarity and nostalgia. Don’t believe that old school will always be around? Find me a boy who wouldn’t love an autographed Babe Ruth jersey or a man who doesn’t look stunning in a tuxedo (or a woman who doesn’t want to see her man in one).

Old School.


At Man Cave Authority, we appreciate men who open doors for ladies, shave with a straight razor, and can fix a toilet every once in a while. While we are focused on getting our fans and valued customers the newest and highest quality products, we also want to give back to the guys out there wanted to take their man cave old school.

To celebrate and support the classic or retro man cave, we now carry an incredibly wide variety of vintage tin signs to give some flavor to your design. Check out our Classic Tin Sign selection or take a look at our favorites below!

1.   Vince Lombardi Quote

I don't play professional sports, but I sure like to pump myself up with quotes from some of the all-time great achievers in sports. Vince Lombardi is one of my favorites, since his mantra aligns with the fact that I am not the strongest, smartest, or most talented. But I do truly believe that "Will" is a huge factor in my personal success and quotes like these continue to drive me towards execellence in whatever I am doing.

2.   Beer Will Change the World!

As an avid craft beer lover, I would love to believe that beer has health benefits. Contrary to common sense, some scientists have stated that beer in moderation can actually have benefits similar to wine's like to decreased heart disease. Even though I'm wary of this, it is proven science that laughter is the best cure for a multitude of ailments including depression and stress. That alone makes me think it's worth it to grab this sign for my room!

3.   Beautiful Pacific Coast

I was born and raised in California and still live here today. I love everything about the coast, the beach, the weather, the healthy lifestyle, and the smiles that can be anywhere (except Los Angeles of course). This particular sign reminds me of my 8-hour drives each semester in college from home to college in San Diego, as well as visiting friends up in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo. While we should try to enjoy each and every day, we all need something that reminds us of the carefree times of our past to help us remember the good things in life.

4.   What Happens at the Cabin, Stays at the Cabin

I find this one pretty hilarious, because most people associate cabins with nature, relaxing, family time, and getting away from it all. I associate cabins (particularly ski cabins in Lake Tahoe) with all of those things, except bringing all my friends and family with me to enjoy ourselves with more than a few beverages. Any way you look at, cabins are awesome and I hope to buy my very own someday and hang this up on the front door!

5.   Vintage Anheuser-Busch Budweiser Sign

As I mentioned before, I'm a big beer fan. A classic Budweiser tin sign is a must for any billiards room, bar, or man cave. Budweiser has always been representative of America and this sign is the epitome of Budweiser's image from 60 years ago. And as an American, I think I will buy another Budweiser...and now this sign!

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