6 Resources to Help You Build the Ultimate Man Cave

6 Resources to Help You Build the Ultimate Man Cave

At Man Cave Authority, we recognize that not everyone can buy everything they want for their caves. Additionally, we have found that the most impressive and brag-worthy caves have key elements that men have designed or built themselves. What’s more satisfying and remarkable than saying: “I built it myself with my own two hands”?

Now there are plenty of awesome resources for licensed contractors and DIY pros. But we know that not every guy was raised as a contractor or carpenter (we hope you at least know how to put on a spare tire!), so we have provided 6 great resources for men to get tips and ideas on how to build the ultimate man cave. 

By reading this, we are assuming that you can use a table saw without losing a hand and have learned through trial and error that sticking your fingers in an electrical outlet can produce shocking results.

1.   Jason Cameron and his show “Man Caves”

Not only is this an obvious pick for getting great man cave design ideas and real how-to tutorials, but Jason Cameron also helped inspire the idea for our business, Man Cave Authority. If you are looking to “install drywall”, check out Google. But if you want to “Make a Coffee Table out of Hockey Sticks” or “Soundproof a Room”, Jason is your guy. In his show “Man Caves”, he teams up with Tony “Goose” Siragusa and builds some of the most epic man caves to date!

2.   Charles & Hudson

Charles and Hudson is known as one of the top DIY and Design blogs out there and is defined by its very high-quality blog posts. Posts include topics such as Product Reviews, Build or Buy (great section to help you save time and money!), and even Factory Tours of some of the top manufacturers for DIY enthusiasts! Very clean and simple site, making it easy to find exactly what you are looking for.

3.   Bob Vila

Bob Vila is one of the kings of home improvement, remodeling, and DIY. While his site and content are very comprehensive and helpful, what we love most is the “Get Ideas” section. This section features hundreds of ideas to stimulate the design of your man cave. If you are having trouble coming up with man cave projects, Bob Vila is an incredible resource to help guide you through the brainstorming process. The site includes a search tool that will quickly locate anything you want to design, install, or build!

4. HandyGuys Podcast

HandyGuys Podcast originally started out as just that, but has transformed into a wealth of video tutorials on a broad range of topics for home improvement and maintenance. While not every article or video is pertains directly to your man cave (although some of you may turn your car into a cave!), there is some great material that covers power tools, appliance troubleshooting and repair, and how to care for various surface types. And of course, check the HandyGuys Podcast out on iTunes. 


5.   Art of Manliness

Art of Manliness isn’t man cave or DIY-focused like some of our other picks, but is the ultimate guide to everything MAN. The site covers the spectrum of manliness including survival guides, shaving properly, treating women like a gentleman, and even how to properly enter a room…like a boss (no pun intended). It is a bit old school (think Teddy Roosevelt or MacGyver), but is every bit relevant to what it means to be a man in today’s world. The articles are very comprehensive and act more as step-by-step guides, rather than dancing around the topics like other blogs.

6. Lifehacker

Lifehacker is not man cave-oriented either, but is a personal favorite of mine with an large collection of “hacks” for any scenario. A few examples clearly aimed at men include the Guide to Cuts of Beef and DIY Patio Table with Built-In Cooler.  There is plenty of content aimed at creating storage solutions and repurposing commonly used items, such as Turning Your Grill into a Pizza Oven or Turning Pringles Can into Sound Boosting Phone Speaker. Especially, if you are on a budget, designing creative low-cost solutions will wow your friends and save you money!


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