Awesome Man Caves of the Week - August 1 2014

Awesome Man Caves of the Week - August 1 2014

Our first "Awesome Man Caves of the Week" got a lot of great feedback from all you crazy man cavers. It feels great to get the opportunity to share REAL man caves from user submissions. You guys have worked hard to build your dream man caves and now you have earned the right to share it with the world! 

St. Louis in particular brought its ‘A’ game with two epic sports fan caves with tons of memorabilia. Seattle also brought the heat, celebrating the dominance of its first ever Super Bowl victory. 

***Remember, if you want to submit your own photos of your epic man cave, just share it on Twitter, tag Man Cave Authority, and add #mancavelife

Enough with these words, let’s see the photos of these caves!

1. St. Louis Cardinals Ultimate Memorabilia Collection

What happens when you have too much sports memoriabilia for one room? You sell some on eBay and throw away the rest, right? @JFerguson50 decided that parting with anything that had Cardinals on it was unacceptable for the ultimate fan. He’s got banners, calendars, posters, bobbleheads, caps, cups…you name it!


2. Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl Celebration Shrine

Seattle fans are ecstatic about Pete Carroll & Russell Wilson to bring in a new era of winning to town. However, @hawkman47 is REALLY REALLY excited about this and holds back nothing in his Seahawks Shrine! 

3. St. Louis Sports Fan Cave

It’s one thing to collect as much gear as possible and fill a room with it. @BJLowder shows us that a clean design with some really awesome St. Louis memorabilia can create a great atmosphere for friends and family to gather and watch a game. We especially love the actual stadium seats and framed articles and magazine covers!

***And if you want to see your up here: just share it on Twitter, tag Man Cave Authority, and add #mancavelife
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Logan - August 8, 2014

We can tell that he’s the ultimate fan and a great guy! We’re glad we have the opportunity to showcase his man cave and all the hard work he has put into it.

Barbara Godi - August 1, 2014

BJ Lowder has worked hard on his man cave and is one of the Cardinals best fans…going to as many games as possible with his family and most important….a career member of the U. S. Army.

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