5 Ridiculous Man Cave Ideas

5 Ridiculous Man Cave Ideas

Building your dream man cave can be a rush. You’ll find ideas from ultimate man caves you’ve seen posted around the web and want that unique design attribute that will turn your friends into worshipping disciples, encourage your kids do their homework without being asked, force your boss to give you a promotion out of pure envy, and convince your wife to appreciate your huge…talent for design.

These ideas are not for the faint of heart, nor the faint of cash and time. But if you can pull just one of these off, you’ll go down in the Man Cave Hall of Fame as one of the greatest. Bruce Wayne’s got nothing on you!

If these ideas seem outlandish and over-the-top, check out some “still pretty epic” gear at Man Cave Authority.


1.   Secret Passageway

Pulling a book to reveal a spiral staircase that you need a torch to light your way down to your secret lair sounds like a dream come true. It also sounds very unreal and existing only in Hollywood, but movie buffs rejoice! 

Creating a hidden mechanism takes some engineering skills, supplies, or a good sum of cash to hire a contractor, but is very doable given time and resources. Here’s a DYI tutorial!




2.   Walk-In Beer Fridge

Like a kid with $5 to spend at a candy store on ANYTHING he wants (circa 1978 this was a lot of candy), the feeling you get when you walk into the beer aisle now makes you truly believe that the possibilities are limitless. Imagine having access to this feeling in your own home!

Whether you need an imperial stout to warm you up in the snow, a Trappist trippel to exercise your religious freedom, or 13% barleywine to survive the holidays with your ruthless in-laws, men love choices and this is a great one.




3.   Walk-In Humidor

Not all men are big on cigars, but it’s hard to deny a stogie, particularly to celebrate an occasion such as winning an NBA championship! Okay, so you may be sitting on the sidelines, but you were there through thick and thin all year long, overcoming adversity, off-the-court issues, and those pesky and intolerable refs. 

If Michael Jordan can smoke a Cuban, so can you.


4.   Fully Stocked Bar

When your friends prefer the booze selection in your man cave vs your local bar, you have created something special. Having a wide variety of beer, liquor, and supplies to create the Manhattan & Old Fashioned and the way they were intended will keep the tips coming.

I’m assuming you’re collecting tips, because operating a bar ain’t cheap!



5.   Urinals

Installing urinals isn’t as easy as it sounds. And it doesn’t touch “legendary” status. But urinals in your bathroom make a statement that this place is for guys and gives it that feel of your local bar, which may or may not be what you are going for.

*DIY Improvement* Laminate the logo from your rival sports team so you have a “target” to aim for! 


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