5 Tactics in Man Cave Negotiation

5 Tactics in Man Cave Negotiation

Every guy wants a man cave. But your girlfriend or wife emphatically says “No”.

You can’t use the den, guest bedroom, or your college kid’s old room. She says they are reserved for her monthly book clubs (they don’t even read the damn books!), in-laws visiting (why do we let them in the house again?), and for your now stereotypical “frat guy” son who only comes home because he can’t stay in the dorms over the holidays (don’t worry he’ll soon grow out of it and channel this douchbaggery into a promising career, leveraging his networking and social skills to get ahead in the workplace). You’re not even allowed to use the attic…just because.

At Man Cave Authority, you can find the legendary gear you need to make your man cave the envy of all your friends. However, if you are still bargaining for a man cave in your home, here are 5 tactics you can utilize to persuade your significant other that having a man cave benefits everyone: 

1. Give Her Access

Letting her make use of your man cave will provide direct benefits to her. You may think it is ideal that no female ever gets to see the inside of your sanctuary, but that’s not fair is it?

How would you feel if she bought a 70” flat screen TV, but explained that you weren’t allowed to watch it? Plus, imagine how excited she’ll be to watch Juan Pablo of The Bachelor in crystal clear high definition glory! Easy win for everyone.

2.  You Will Do All the Work

 When you have your friends over to watch a game or have a poker night, you will take care of or delegate all party tasks to your friends. You will cook, clean, and provide all supplies.

Most likely though, you will order take-out with beer and use paper plates and red Solo cups. Your significant other won’t be responsible for any of the mess you make or any havoc you wreak!

3.   Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Your significant other will not want to retreat to the bedroom or leave the house if you have the guys over (we all know Randy smells like a high school locker room). If you throw parties in your man cave, she will not need to change or alter her schedule. It is convenient for her and she won’t need to be caught in the middle of whatever shenanigans you guys decide to engage in.

Also, you now have a place to store all your “manly” decorations that do not fit in with the rest of your house. Trust me, your framed Joe Namath poster is really awesome (Man Cave Authority Approved)…it just doesn’t belong hanging above the baby’s crib.

4.   Sacrifice Another Purchase

To be realistic, crafting your epic man cave could cost a significant amount of money. But if you just repurpose an existing room, this will “save” much more money than if you had planned to buy a new sports car or that classic motorcycle you’ve been looking at. A vehicle might be able to get you from Point A to B, but think of how much more fun you would have with a custom-engraved air hockey table!

This tradeoff can be a crucial negotiation point if finances are an issue in the decision-making process. This also shows how bad you really want your man cave and potentially how happy it will make you to finally have one.

5.   Your Happy Place

Are you not always the most awesome and happy person each and every day after work? Do you sometimes come home a little grumpy? Tell your wife that having a room to yourself that contains all the decorations and comfort will bring you peace and happiness and some time to wind down, so that you can come out refreshed and positive.

Sometimes guys (and ladies) just need a bit of alone time to process the events and emotions that happened throughout the day before transitioning into quality family time.

If you have secured your man cave, congratulations! To make it truly epic, be sure to check out all of our man cave necessities at Man Cave Authority!

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